Thursday, January 03, 2013

Breakfast of Champions: Raspberry Vanilla Smoothie

I have the exact same breakfast every weekday before work. What can I say, I'm a creature of habit, as many of us are. And this breakfast smoothie is simple, flavourful, and full of good things to get my day started on the right foot. I am an early bird and I'm always starving when I first wake up, so I am forced to eat breakfast at a ridiculously early hour. Most breakfast staples leave me hungry again long before lunch time, but this smoothie is filling. Packed with protein, whole grains, fibre, and about two servings of fruit, it's nutrition in a tall, cool glass for long days in the classroom. It's also ideal post-workout to re-energize.

I'll give a small apology to begin, as I don't actually measure each ingredient before I add it to my blender, but just kind of pour since I've been making this smoothie for a good four years. I'll do my best to give you semi-accurate measurements!

Raspberry Vanilla Smoothie

5 heaping teaspoons yogurt (any flavour, I usually use vanilla or plain - really just whatever is on sale that week at the grocery store)
1/3 cup whole grain oats (I usually use quick cooking oats because they're smaller)
3/4 cup - 1 cup frozen raspberries
1 scoop vanilla flavoured whey protein powder (the container comes with a standard scoop)
1/2 cup - 3/4 cup fruit juice (I have never measured this...I add enough juice on top of the other ingredients to fill my blender to the 500mL line)

Add each ingredient in order into a large blender. Blend on medium speed until smooth. Serve immediately.

It's so pretty and pink! You could also change this up with whatever frozen fruit you prefer. Raspberries are full of nutrients and I like the colour they give to the smoothie. You could use blueberries, strawberries, or a combination of fruits. I sometimes also throw in half a banana with the frozen berries.

I find also that most smoothie recipes don't use fruit juice, but water, ice, or milk. Those are also solid options. I like the juice because it adds more sweetness (I'm sure you can tell from this blog that I've got quite the sweet tooth!). As well, using juice adds another serving of fruit to the smoothie. I try to choose the healthiest juice I can - one that doesn't have added sugar, and some juices now (in the Oasis line) have added fibre and calcium.

Since this smoothie pumps me up to face my day or to perk up after a tough workout, it needs some accompanying beats that get me energized. I'm choosing a fun and goofy song that makes me feel young, and because the year it came out, my grade 9 girls knew every word and were beyond shocked and pumped when I could rap along with them! Singing and dancing in the morning is a fabulous way to kick off each day, with Super Bass by Nicki Minaj.

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